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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eat Sleep Craft Repeat

One of the things we did at our crafty retreat at Christine's house was a "Dirty Pour" - a mixture of various acrylic paints and silicone oil, layered in a cup and dumped on a canvas.  You then tilt the canvas to get the paints to flow and swirl over the canvas.  You then heat (very carefully, moving the heat constantly) with a small torch (like a creme brulee torch) and you get some areas of bubbling.

Here's one of mine:

And here's a close-up showing the bubbled effect:

It is even prettier in real life as there is a bit of silver metallic and white pearlescent paint in it that the photo does not capture.

If you're interested in doing one, here's a very short video, or you can google "dirty pour" for others.

It was a nice change in the middle of our retreat - the rest of the time we worked on card-making techniques.  Here's a photo of the group of us wearing the fabulous aprons Loll had made for us:

Head on over to the other's blogs for a mini blog hop on our results from the "dirty pour":

Loll Thompson - Stamping with Loll
Christine Alexander - It's a Card Day's Night
Nancy Littrell - scandinancy creates

Every one of them turned out very different, but all are beautiful!


  1. Your canvas is beautiful, Susan! It looks like an underwater scene. Love the mix of blues and the bright pops of yellow. Look forward to doing more of these fun canvases. Jer has already placed an order!! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous Dirty Pour Canvas, Susan. Wish we had a video of our, at times hysterical, Dirty Pour attempts that actually really turned out cool!! Loved your colors and beautiful swirls and cells. I miss you my friend. Hugs...

  3. So cool, just love the mix of colours and the cells are incredible. awesome Dirty Pour. I'm looking forward to another retreat next year :)

  4. You girls just had the funnnnnest time!! Love your canvas, Susan! And I love the photo and those super cool aprons! Gotta love that Loll! Hugs, Darnell

  5. wow...looks amazing.
    Just such a happy time, just look at your faces and those aprons say it all!! Glad you had a wonderful time mf.
    xx Karen

  6. How beautiful this is! This looks fun to do too! What a fabulous choice of colors, Susan. This is definitely something I must try and thanks for the link too!

  7. Beautiful canvas, Susan. Love the colours.
    And it was so nice to meet you in person finally. Hope we can craft together again.

  8. I treasure this picture of my dear friends and wish I'd been there. I love the blue and yellow combination with all the movement and variation of colors! Wish I could see it IRL!


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